New Post

I’m back. I think I will need to start my own company or start posting videos on YouTube. I’m a good example of why people don’t want to live in small farming communities–the lack of job opportunities.  Walmart had opened a neighborhood store last year and closed it in January.  The only other option is working for the State.  I tried selling insurance.  The problem: the elderly already have it, the younger generation can’t afford it.  I thought about leaving the U.S. and setting up shop in another country. I’m not sure if that will be more trouble than it’s worth.  With a lack of funds, my options are decreasing.  Maybe I can learn to draw and/or paint.  Maybe I will finish the book I started years ago.  I will finish the book I started.  I just don’t have the funds to get it published in printed form.  I already put in some job applications.  Big surprise, I haven’t heard from any of them.  Oh well, I will have to keep trying.

Update on the still jobless situation

Well, taking surveys for a living didn’t work. I’m still waiting to see the benefits of being an affiliate. So my options are narrowed down to writing and traditional job hunting.  Still, no bites for traditional. I would like to relocate to a larger city in the hopes that I will be more successful in job hunting.  In ruralville, us there are no available resources. I will use the internet, since that is pretty much all I have.


I like blogging…

I like blogging, but trying to find something to write about is diffificult.  I did pretty good writing poems even though I not going to win the Putlizer anytime soon. Also I won’t turn into a poetry machine- turning out poems everyday.  If something pops into my head, I will try to write it down before I forget.  I’m trying to write some books with material that interests me.  I’m sure they won’t turn into Hollywood blockbusters, but something that will fight boredom.  I find that when I read mysteries and who-done-its, I know how it’s going to end, but I enjoy the plot twists that the author puts in the stories more invigorating.  In other words, it’s not so much what is written as to how well it’s written.  Does that make sense?  Does it really matter that the butler did it or that everyone lived happily ever after?  After all, these are fiction.

Affiliate and Paid Surveys update

Being an affiliate is a slow process. After setup, you have to hope the viewers who come to your blog site will see a product that interests them and purchase it. For those of you who might want to know, You can’t click on the ads on your blog site to purchase something. You do get 2 or 3 cents to read the emails. As for the surveys, you only get paid if the surveys relate to you and your situation. Some of the surveys require that you subscribe, download, or purchase from a third party. Lastly, you have to reach a certain dollar amount before you get paid. Patience is key. 🙂 If any of this sounds interesting to you a can give you the websites where I went. Again, this is a sllllooooowwww process to generate income.

earn money with your blog site

I am still new to being an affiliate. I just started last month. This gives me something else to do with my blogsites. It’s a lot of work to get setup, but after that it’s pretty easy. Training to be an affiliate is free and straightforward. One does have to get used to new terminology as with any job. I am enjoying it so far.

Wackalou from Kalamazoo

There once was a girl named Wackalou.
Wackalou is from Kalamazoo.
She wears only one blue shoe.
She carried two cents wherever she went.
Now, she hops on one leg while she plays the kazoo.

One day Wackalou goes to the zoo.
She passed a cow that can moo.
She passed a cat that can mew.
She passed the food bar shaped like a star.
Until she came to a gnu.

“Mr. Gnu,” she asked, “why are you so blue?”
“I’m blue,” replied the gnu to Wackalou,
“because there’s a fly I can’t shoo.”
Then the gnu cried and he sighed.
He didn’t know what to do.

Wackalou gave the gnu some glue.
Said the gnu to Wackalou,
“What am I to do with glue.”
They made sticky tape so the fly couldn’t escape.
The gnu was no longer blue.

Wackalou waves goodbye to the gnu.
“Thank you,” says the gnu.
Wackalou takes out her kazoo.
As the sun sets, she pirouettes.
Then, she hops on one leg down the avenue

My Journey as a Writer

It is difficult to get your work reviewed and sold. There are millions of self-published artists. I entered some online poetry contests. I’m still waiting for a response. Some contests are free but others want you to sign up for fee. There are many sites that offer services to self-publishers at different fees. Considering that I haven’t worked in 2 years and don’t qualify for unemployment, that is a little out of my reach. Well, they have to make money some way. I live in “breadbasket” America so there are no poetryslam or groovy beatnik hangouts. Solution: Post your work on your blog.